Here are 10 ways to get your kids eating food!

You’re here because your child is finicky… It’s okay, there are many fussy little cherubs. Every mom knows that getting the kids to eat is the hardest battle. Dads can also have a hard time. The struggle to get one bite in their little mouths starts as soon as they turn one.

The nutritious food you make for your child is a great source of joy, but the effort to get it in their mouths is just as difficult. While you may feel defeated and frustrated, there are still reasons to smile. They aren’t quite as smart as their parents think. They think they’re smarter than we, which is cute. They may be creatively distracted and make the most of the meal you prepared for them.

A twenty-two year old child can be finicky, but that is not what we are talking about. Children need to be fed spoon-by-spoon until they are five years old, depending on how much they eat. Your five-year-old may be constantly chasing you with a bowl of food, or your two year old might just start to eat the food. Don’t despair! These are all things you can do, depending on the age of your child.

1) Story time: Write a story. You can bring in all animals, naughty or nice, those who eat and others who don’t. Let the story unfold at the pace your child takes each bite.

2) Song Time: songs are always in fashion. It’s a creative distraction for everyone from one to five years old! You don’t have to know many songs. Just create one around food, animal or favorite character.

3) Games Time “You eat one bite, then we kick this ball” or “You eat, hide, and I’ll locate you ‘… There are many games that you can make and play, each taking turns. Make sure that your child eats only one bite at each turn.

4) Get the children to eat as they make their masterpieces. You can always help them if they are hungry. Just as there are no free lunches or creative help, there is no free creative assistance without a bite.

5) Teddy get-together: Bring your soft toys (Dolls and Teddies, Bunnies, etc.) together to have a picnic… Make sure your child is invited. Let your child eat with the dolls and teddies.

20-minute Picnics: This is an option that may not be available at all times. However, if you have a small garden, it might be worth taking the child out for a picnic. Even though it isn’t a fully fledged picnic with a basket, mat, and frisbee, it can be a fun little snack in the garden.

7) Family fun: If you can convince your spouse or another elder sibling to get involved, it can be a lot of fun for everyone. Let your spouse or you dance to some funny music or make fun noises…even the elder sibling! This can keep the child engaged and entertained while you take a bite. Remember, “A family that has fun together stays together!”

8) Friends Forever Time If your child enjoys being with other children (a few children between the ages of two and four are shy or afraid of other children), you might consider a friends meal. You can arrange for a friend meal time on one or two days per week if your child has little friends in the area. The moms can meet up with their children and their tiffins at one place. You can have a little party for moms!

9) Be Creative with Food: This option is very interesting. This keeps creativity alive and allows the children to have fun with them. It will be a hit with your two- to five-year olds. You can let them eat a sandwich with grated cheese hairs, olive eyes, tomato smiles, and cucumber ears. You can present foods in a variety of ways. Next time you want to give yoghurt your child, make sure to have a small glass with delicious diced fruits and yoghurt. Then, call it rainbow on the cloud.

10) The easy way! The difficult option! Let your child eat as he pleases. Children need to be able to eat as they please. They may want to eat on their own, but it’s not always possible. This is when you have to intervene and help them finish their meal. As a matter of good manner, let your toddler or five-year-old start their meal by themselves.

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